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Diversity & Inclusion: The Power of Language to Unlock Diversity & Inclusion with Human Collective.


HR WEBINAR 20 June (8)

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Many people struggle with fostering open and respectful dialogues about Diversity and Inclusion at work. Watch the recording of this informative webinar, highlighting the critical importance of language in everyday interactions and providing strategies to facilitate difficult conversations, even when the topics may be uncomfortable. We partnered with founder the of Human Collective, Conor Buckley, to host an open discussion between panellists about how society treats them, the changes they would like to see happen, especially in the workplace.

At this webinar, we will hear from:
· Kate McConnell – Kate has a condition called Achondroplasia, which means she was born with shorter arms and legs than the average person, and she will speak about how her family and friends address tough conversations over a cup of tea.

· Niamh Byrne – Niamh is a transgender campaigner, and she will discuss how companies and colleagues can show their support and inclusiveness in simple ways.

· Nikki Bradley – Nikki is a disability activist, and she will speak openly about being confronted in a bank while she waited in the queue. Her story highlights the everyday challenges faced by people with disabilities and emphasises the need for greater awareness and sensitivity in public spaces.

This webinar is perfect for HR professionals, or anyone interested in being an inclusive workplace For All. We encourage you to extend this recording to your colleagues so they can benefit from this experience as well. This conversation aims to empower the audience to feel confident in how they approach certain topics.

To find out more about Human Collective talks, sustainable clothes and their mission to spread a message of equality and unite people please check out www.wearehumancollective.com


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