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Diversity & Inclusion in a workplace: From Awareness to Action and the role of Leadership.



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When it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, you might wonder:

- What are the key components of an effective diversity and inclusion strategy and how to measure them?
- What role does leadership play in promoting diversity and inclusion?
- How can we address unconscious bias in the workplace?
- What is the difference between equality and equity?

We have you covered! Watch the recording of the informative webinar about diversity and inclusion, featuring Great Place to Work® experts and guest speakers from PREM Group ,LIFT Ireland and Woodie's.

You will hear from experts and clients leading the way in the Irish industry:

Sarah Marr, HR Manager at PREM Group.
Joanne Hession, Founder & CEO of LIFT Ireland.

David Nally, Head of HR at Woodie's.

This webinar delves into power of Diversity and Inclusion for a collaborative future for all workplaces.

This webinar is designed not only for HR professionals but for anyone interested in creating a more inclusive workplace. We encourage you to extend this to your colleagues.


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