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How to get Certified as a Great Place to Work®




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Ever wondered what it takes to get Certified™ as a Great Place to Work? And what is the lived experience of a company that has grown while using the program?

Well wonder no more and discover Version 1's Case Study after 11 years in the program, and get all your questions answered!

During this informative session, you will find out the following:
- Great Place to Work model in action with Version 1's Case Study
- How Version 1 uses the survey feedback in their people and business strategy
- Plenty of great practices takeaway 
- How being a Great workplace helps attract and retain talent
- Insights the model will deliver to improve your culture
- How the Programme has supported the creation of a consistent culture as the Version 1 grew

This session is ideal for:
- People managers of all levels
- Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, People and Culture roles
- Marketing and Brand people
- Anyone interested in joining the Great Place to Work Programme

Join us!